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Home water purifier Water Purifier: find the most suitable to that section

Home water purifier Water Purifier: to find the most suitable for their own section. Water pollution hazards, the impact on human health that many people are more concerned about water pollution is mainly to bring the three aspects of health threat, according to experts: First, water pollution is easy to cause acute and chronic poisoning. Secondly, water pollution and carcinogenic effects. Again, the indirect impact of water pollution on the human body should not overlook the deterioration of the sensory properties of water pollution, often can cause the water. Of water purification process is still quite backward, simply did not keep up the pace of environmental pollution, even if we can achieve long purifying effect of some water plant is also faced with tap water during transport of secondary pollution, international universal home terminal clean water is the most good solution, which is why Europe and the United States, Japan and other developed areas home water purifier up to 90 percent penetration in China in recent years home water purifier has been sold, but the overall penetration rate of less than 1 percent five, home water purifier market potential is huge. For now, home water purifier is mainly divided into two major categories of ultrafiltration machines and reverse osmosis water.

Home users to the correct selection of the water purifier and water machine, home water  purifier or water machine straight drinking fountains (ie, home reverse osmosis water) should be selected according to their actual needs as well as local water quality issues.

First of all, from water quality problems. Higher hardness of the water kettle and water heater in the home is very easy to scale, in order to improve the living water of the whole family and to extend the life of the water heater, we can install a water softener in the home's total water pipe; to more good to improve the quality of drinking water, to install a set of UF water purifier in the kitchen, used to vegetables, cooking, soup, or boil the drink; If you want to water more health, able to direct drinking water, you can choose to install RO Water Purifier. dedicated domestic water purifier manufacturers, home water purifiers top ten brands selected by the HC network, basically substantial sample laboratory, which spring dew water purifier, as professional water purifier brand is the first in the industry to establish the brand of the water samples laboratory, is currently the only established the country's most complete water samples laboratory; net spring, beauty, Patio, liters, Feiou special, Angel and other brands have also been gradually perfected.

Household water purifiers and RO Water Purifier is composed by different parts of water treatment, water purification process will continue to reduce the purifying effect and should therefore periodically replace the water treatment components. As the amount of water to deal effectively with the various components, so the replacement will vary. Such as meltblown filter service life of about three months, about six months the life of the activated carbon filter, reverse osmosis membrane (RO), longer service life, about 2 years, or even longer. Of course, the life of the various components and raw water quality, water, it should be a timely replacement. Feiou Te is the earliest brands of imported water purifier, water machine manufacturer, is also successfully developed in the manufacture of pure water machine has many advantages, reference samples of consumers.

Proper use and maintenance of RO Water Purifier (hereinafter referred to as "RO Water Purifier")

We can not just RO water to buy back the home improvement get away. To know the proper use and maintenance, in order to truly achieve the purpose of improving drinking water, otherwise it would be counterproductive.

RO water is composed by a number of water treatment components, its water purification principle is: the melt-blown PP filter + granular activated carbon filter + sintered activated carbon filter + RO reverse osmosis membrane + activated carbon filter.

The first level of 5 micron melt-blown PP filter, remove the rust in the tap water, sediment, suspended solids and greater than 5 micron solid impurities. PP, the right life of about three months, if not a long time to replace the PP filter, closure of the interaction of chemical reactions in the PP surface of various solid substances, leading to filter smelly moldy, originally fairly clean tap water by two pollution and more unhealthy.

The second level of granular activated carbon filter, adsorbed water, organic micro-organisms, pesticides, bacteria, chlorine, chloroform and other chemicals. Adsorption capacity of activated carbon filter with the adsorbed material increased gradually decreased, and the micro-organisms and bacteria are adsorbed onto activated carbon, the large population growth of more germs and bacteria, the longest service life of activated carbon filter can not ultrafiltration 6 months.

The third stage of sintering the activated carbon filter, the smaller particles in the closure tap water impurities, colloids and adsorption step closer, to ensure clean water entering the RO membrane, effectively extending the life of the RO membrane. Proper use of the period of six months.

The fourth level RO reverse osmosis membrane 0.0001 micron pore size than bacteria volume thousands of times smaller desalination rate of 96% or more, can filter the water, inorganic salts, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses and other harmful to human health, material and pure water separation.

Fifth grade activated carbon filter, inhibit bacteria regeneration, increasing the water taste to make the water sweet and delicious.

Overall, with the rapid economic development, standard of living relative, and people are more and more attention to their quality of life with health. Water, health has become the focus of news in China, water pollution incident repeated frequent, so that people begin to doubt the living environment. Have to find ways to solve the terminal problem. From the water purifier word began to rage, water purifiers and swept the streets swept at the same time consumers do not forget concerned about the water purifier brand, quality and comprehensive assessment.