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Acidic electrolyzed oxidizing water generator

Acidic electrolyzed oxidizing water generator

working principle

In the treated raw water, add electrolyte, through the diaphragm electrolyzer electrolysis, the anode side generated hypochlorite (HCIO) as the main composition of the acidic aqueous solution, is Acidic electrolyzed oxidizing water. Hydroxide (NaOH) generated by the cathode in aqueous sodium, which is  strong alkaline water. Acidic water has strong oxidizing and kill microbes, can be used for sterilization; Strong alkaline water to oil, protein, etc have good emulsifying stripping effect, can be used to remove organic matter.

physicochemical property

Acid oxidation potential of water is a colorless transparent liquid, the main ingredients of hypochlorite, chlorine taste.

PH 2.0 to 3.0

Oxidation reduction potential (ORP) > 1100 mv

Available chlorine content 50-70 mg/L

Residual chlorine ion < 1000 mg/L

sterilization mechanism

The main ingredient is hypochlorite acid, hypochlorous acid produced in the process of reaction activity of hydroxyl (OH), active oxygen (O2) under the condition of high REDOX potential can also generate H2O2, which generate hydroxyl (OH), and the activity of hydroxyl (OH) is a kind of strong oxidizer, broke bacterial metabolism of nucleic acid, protein and enzyme have decomposition and inactivated effect, killing microorganisms.

main application

HHEOW system main characteristics

*PLC automatic program control, LCD touch screen operation

*Real-time online display pH, ORP and active chlorine content, electrolytic current, total run time parameters, monitoring disinfectant specifications at any time

*Automatic positive and pole washing function, to lengthen the service life of the electrolytic cell and stabilize disinfectant water.

*Touch screen has display alarm when the current is too large and raw water shortage,accompanied by sound alarm at the same time, in order to ensure the normal operation of equipment and disinfectant

*Electrolytic cell added salt by precision metering pump and automatically adjust the salt quantity.

*Back pole,positive pole washing and running status are displayed on the LCD panel and matching the pattern color display, make the equipment working condition is clear.

*continuous electrolytic way and continuous produing the disinfectant.

*PH between 2.0 to 3.0, available chlorine can adjust between 30 PPM to 70 PPM

*Electrolyser plate electrode effective area is large, the electrolysis efficiency is high, the electrochemical performance is more stable, the service life is longer with about 8000 hours.

HHEOW-2000Main parameters



Technical parameters


AC220V 50Hz


rated power550VA


mimute production≥2.0L





available chlorine


Residual chlorine ion