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CSSD water softener and purifier

  • HH Series Full-automatic Softener

    HH Series Full-automatic Softener

    Automatic softening water system via the principle of ion exchange, to remove the water such as calcium magnesium scaling ion, making the water softening.


  • HHRO-C series water purifiers

    HHRO-C series water purifiers

    The hospital center supply room, operating rooms, and other pure water demands departments; Industry, food.electronic industries water use.


  • HHRO-S Series Water purifiers

    HHRO-S Series Water purifiers

    1.Main parameters Feed water pressure: 0.2Mpa0.4MPa Raw water temperature: 535 25 for the best Raw water hardness: 8 mmoL Ambient temperature:2-45 Humidity: 85%RH Pure water conductivity: 15us/cm