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Pharmaceutical purification water system

Pharmaceutical purification water system

Purified water system play an important role in the whole certification process of GMP system. Two -stage reverse osmosis, two-stage reverse osmosis + EDI core technology has been widely used for producing pharmaceutical factory purified water.

main application
▲The sterile drug ingredients
▲Direct contact with drugs equipment, appliances and packaging materials’ last washing water
▲The sterile API refining process water
▲Raw water of injection water, direct contact with the final sterilization of cotton goods packaging material crude wash water, etc
▲Purified water can be used as a common pharmaceutical preparations of solvent or test water.
▲Can be used as traditional Chinese medicine injection, eye drops and the tablets’ extraction solvent for preparation of sterilization.
▲Oral, topical preparations solvent or thinner
▲The Non-sterilization appliance with fine washing water.
▲The Non-sterilization solvent use tablets’ extraction solvent

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Water making process
Use the drinking water as raw water, through multiple media filter, softener, activated carbon filter, the security filter, etc to make pretreatment of raw water , again after the secondary reverse osmosis water purification system, flow into the purified water storage, recycling used distribution line to the point,at  the last cycle back to the tank.

▲The main frame is made of stainless steel, beautiful and clean, compact structure, cover a small area
▲The machine adopt sanitary materials, concise and compact structure, system without dead space design, to ensure water quality
▲The system adopts full automatic control, simple and convenient operation
▲Pretreatment system automatic flushing,reverse flushing and regeneration.
▲System pipe with no dead Angle design, pure water circulating supply, effectively prevent biofilm formation, reduces the risk of microbial contamination
▲fault alarm protection function, such as water shortage protection, high and low voltage protection, power overheating protection, overload protection, etc
▲multi-disinfection way combination modular design, easy operation with high efficiency