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Pure water treatment process and service life

Analysis of laboratory equipment, ultra-pure water how selection 2012-07-25 China Chemical Instrument outlets hit: 68 Now the laboratory of the university research institutes and institutions are basically ultra-pure water machine instead of the distilled water control system for water, the eastern The area above the level of units to achieve a degree of popularity. Such as: environmental monitoring stations, the Food and Drug Control, CDC, the quality inspection, agricultural soil and fertilizer station. Many business units of laboratory ultrapure water instead of distilled water restrictions, especially in the east and central and western better efficiency units.

Compared to electric distilled water or out to buy the water is concerned, the laboratory ultrapure water more affordable and convenient, and has been recognized by the majority of the chemical analysis of personnel in the national market, but the instrument, after all, is the basis of laboratory equipment, although there are a number of technical staff in the use of ultrapure water, ultrapure water is not often in the purchase of the existence of errors. How to buy ultra-pure water for this unit, please refer to the following, I hope for your help groups.

A. Water consumption

Made of ultra-pure water for water currently on the market generally in the 5-40 liters / hour, 40 liters more than the non-standard models. Customers should be based on actual water use in the selection of ultra-pure water machine specifications generally follow a two-fold relationship principle. Such as water consumption is 20 liters / day selected specifications for the 10 l / h machine, if the choice of specification is too small, ultra-pure water supplies consumption will soon be the choice of specification is too large, the formation of waste. If you focus on large quantities of water, you need to purchase a large bucket of pure, and otherwise made the water can not keep up.

Two. Water quality

National laboratory standard water level of water, two of water, three water, three water quality, but most laboratories can be of two water quality, first, the three water such as distilled water, and used in glassware cleaning, etc.; two is a water main precision instruments for chemical analysis or liquid phase, atomic absorption analysis. Customers should be based on actual water demand to use the grade of the ultrapure water. Ultrapure water to tap water have two (both water quality) outlet, First, pure water, ie, three water; is a water, that is, ultra-pure water (in the strict sense a water resistance is greater than 10 megohms, and ultrapure water resistance of greater than 18 megohms).

Most customers do not know the water quality requirements and the relevant state departments have a variety of water quality standards, but there is no complete quantitative indicators of specific experimental project or water for instrumental analysis, are often discovered after the purchase of ultra-pure water machine water quality dissatisfaction.

Based on experience, you can follow several optional principle, corresponds to the can.

A. Experimental content

In addition to the resistance of greater than 18 megohm, you also need the total organic carbon in sub-inorganic experiments and experimental organic, inorganic experiments only resistance greater than 18 megohm water quality, organic experiment is usually the removal of organic matter, indicators. If the biological aspects of the experiment, you want to remove bacteria.

Two. Instrument types

Customers according to the type of instrument used to select the ultrapure water. Liquid water resistance of greater than 18 megohm; and removal of organic matter; atomic absorption, atomic fluorescence and environmental monitoring equipment with water greater than 18 megohm; PCR Life Science Instruments water In addition to the resistance of greater than 18 megohm required sterilization, in addition to organic matter, in addition to heat.

3. Current source of water

If a customer of water is qualified, the pure water sources to inform the manufacturer of ultra-pure water machine, and its technical staff under the circumstances to recommend the appropriate specification model.

The above three principles is derived based on actual experience in the application, you can refer to, but the most accurate model of choice as far as possible to provide detailed water quality parameters, such as resistors, trace elements, bacteria, total organic carbon level.

Three. Raw water quality

Customers to the vendor in the purchase of ultra-pure water machine must provide raw water quality conditions, such as sediment, high hardness, groundwater, and ultrapure water process is used to determine the quality of raw water quality, sediment To add a pretreatment device, high hardness, you want to add softening device, the high salt content, the reverse osmosis process. If I had chosen the ultra-pure water, pure water and only need to provide the water needs and water consumption.