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Pure water installation steps to install water purifier difference

1, out of the box to check parts are complete

2, the installation of pressure reducing valve, water ball valve

3, connecting pipelines, installation of pure water tap and drainage recovery leading

4, the installation of RO membrane

5, water, electricity

¢Ù Open the connection of water machine water valve (with water tees and ball valve also need to open the ball valve)

¢Ú power

¢Û The pure water machine should start working automatically, which is characterized by a slight vibration of the diaphragm of the water machine, drain pipes start to short the discharge of waste water.

Pure water machine produced a bucket of pure water: 2 gallons barrel (LH7-1M/LH7-1K) is about 20-30 minutes, three gallons barrel (LH7-1R/LH7-1Q) about 40-50 minutes .

6, Precautions before

Pure water machine in the first use, will be the first release of the water gas and a small amount of toner, which is normal, you only need a continuous opening and closing several pure faucet is generally about of pure water storage tank the needs of the first two buckets of water discharged, it will clean gas and toner emissions.

Pure water quality can be checked by the determination of pure water TDS (total dissolved solids) and calculate the rate of desalination. The use of testing tools for the TDS test pen.

[Water purifier installation techniques and methods]

If I choose an ordinary wall-mounted water purifier / water purifier faucet phase, the installation is very simple, in accordance with previous operating steps.

Step 1: Turn off the water master switch, and installation of stainless steel tee and ball valve, PE pipe connected to the inlet of the water purifier in the water position.

Step 2: about 15 cm PE tube connected flush port, connect the plastic flush ball valve, PE pipe to be connected to a suitable length.

Step 3: Install faucet and connect to the water purifier outlet.

Step 4: Open the tap switch and inlet ball valve and rinse the mouth plastic flush ball valve flush about 5 minutes, rinse mouth no Blackwater plastic flush ball valve.

Step 5: open the faucet to wash 15-30 minutes of the filter cartridge of alcohol in a protective solution rinse (red to the water until the alcohol smell) to normal use.

Second, if the more sophisticated the tank water purifier / water purifier, do not worry, refer to the following water purifier installation techniques and methods to solve.

Step 1: Turn off the water master switch, and installation of stainless steel tee and ball valve, PE pipe connected to the inlet of the water purifier in the water position. PE pipe to connect about 15 cm flush ports, to connect the plastic wash ball valve, PE pipe to be connected to a suitable length.

Step two: Open the fifth level of the ultrafiltration device, remove the accessories in sealed ultra-filter installation to the ultrafiltration device and fastening with a plastic wrench to tighten.

The third step: Check and turn off the heating and cooling the switch, plug in the power washing, rinse the mouth does not Blackwater Close the valve.

The fourth step: open the hot and cold bucket submarine outfall (cork nut), followed by water for 25-30 minutes, until the water no white foam;

Step 5: screw the sewage nut, open the hot and cold taps, appropriate to let go of a little water can be. (Note: hot water flowing out from the port to open thermal switch to prevent dry)

Third, Water Purifier / ro machine, the installation may be the trouble spots, but do not worry, the top five clear can also help you to solve.

Turn off water, turn on the tap, let go of the remaining water in the tube.

Remove the faucet into the water pipes, install a good water three links and use a wrench to tighten (when installing the water three links, if the connector on the rubber gasket wrapped around you do not need the raw material with.) 1 | 4 wrapped around the water inlet valve is exceedingly material with installation to the water the way side holes at the water inlet pipe is installed in the water three links, and use a wrench to tighten.

(3) Close the water inlet valve, open water, wipe with a paper towel to check the installation connector is seepage.

4 PP cotton, granular activated carbon, compressed activated carbon three filter in order to mount the filter bottle, and use a wrench to tighten the filter and bottle cap at all levels.

Wraps the right amount of raw material in the pressure barrel export zone, the ball valve of the pressure barrel fitted with PE pipeline will be post-activated carbon inlet connected to the pressure barrel water ball valve.

6. The inlet connection: the installation of the kitchen under pure local machine directly to the water inlet valve pick out the filter barrel water interface, the first stage of the pipeline access to the machine; the installation of the cabinet machine, first open the cabinet lower part of the import and export pipelines and wires manhole covers and lead the power cord and connected to the water ball valve at the tube through the hole, to the cabinet, and received the first-level filter of the machine barrel inlet connector, and then check whether the connector infiltration water.

7 flushing pre-filter: First remove the shell of the reverse osmosis membrane water short PT tube, insert a container, open water and power supply, washing three channel filter, directly into the clear water.

Install gooseneck faucet: use nail to make a small groove in the stainless steel sink, easy drilling, hand drill (M12 drill) in the groove surface of the punch. Then fixed gooseneck faucet, gooseneck faucet under the termination | 4PE tube connection to the other end of the activated carbon filter export.